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Vietnamese Traditional Outfit

Girl in Vietnamese red silk ao dai
Girl in Red Silk Ao Dai

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Available from US 1T to Small Adult

Ao Dais / Girls

Head Bands - One Size

Vietnamese Turbans - Girls 

Abstract Wavy Object

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Available from US 1T to Small Adult

Ao Dais / Boys

Vietnamese Turbans - Boys


My Story of Ao Dai

The story of Ao Dai started when I was looking for the traditional dress for my children. I designed the outfit staying loyal to the traditional style and modified the size to fit perfectly to my children. The fabric was designed with traditional patterns and bright colors.  The Vietnamese spring flowers and the royal medallions made the signature of our Ao Dai. The first few Ao Dai were made for family and friends and since then, these Ao Dai are the must have in our family celebrations, especially during Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

Our Ao Dai collection is a reflection of our family roots and a celebration of Vietnamese culture.  Started as a family tradition, our passion for creating beautiful and high-quality Ao Dai has grown into a full-fledged collection. With sizes ranging from #1 to #20, our Ao Dai are made with attention to detail and great craftsmanship. We take pride in our products and hope that our Ao Dai will bring joy to families who wear them on special occasions.

All orders are shipped from Madison, WI
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