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Dong Ho Painting or Vietnamese woodblock prints refers to a Vietnamese folk art originating in Dong Ho Village, Song Ho Commune, Thuan Thanh County of Bac Ninh Province (north of Hanoi). It is one of the most popular Vietnamese folk arts.
Dong Ho paintings together with the peach blossom used to be the special decor for every Vietnamese household for Tet, Vietnamese lunar new year. 
The paper is hand made from tree bark, Dzo tree, which give it the rough surface and the name (they are also known as Dzo paintings.)  The colors are made from from local ingredients as beet for red, turmeric for yellow, charcoal for black, tea for green,.. Then they are mixed and applied to wood and pressed on paper. The whole process of making the paper and mixing colors are well known for generations in this village. People love them because they are affordable and the themes are close to their hearts!

Wrestling Parade

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