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Beautiful tea set with a unique design: The water buffalo is the teapot with the little boy sitting on top. There are six cups and six saucers. 
A great set for Vietnamese traditional green tea brewing which the tea is served very strong. The cups are smaller than western-style teacups. They are used for tea-sipping more than tea-drinking.
Collection of beautiful Vietnamese Tea sets!!!
Hand Made and hand painted from a family business from Bat Trang, north of Vietnam.
The tea pot is: 3" high, 4" high with the top cover
6" diameter, 7" with the sprout.
The cup is 2" high and 2.5" diameter.
This is a normal size set which can hold about 2 cups of water.
Most of the set have the same dimension. Some sets are bigger, holding about 4-5 cups of water (ex: set TSC7, TSF9,..)

Water Buffalo Tea Set

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