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The tea pot has the pumkin style with the edges on the side, it is 5" of diameter x 3" high
It can hold 2 cups of water
The handle is about 3" long. The cup is about 3" diamter. Hand made and beautiful!
Collection of beautiful Vietnamese Tea sets!!!
Hand Made and hand painted from a family business from Bat Trang, north of Vietnam.
The tea pot is: 3" high, 4" high with the top cover
6" diameter, 7" with the sprout.
The cup is 2" high and 2.5" diameter.
This is a normal size set which can hold about 2 cups of water.
Most of the set have the same dimension. Some sets are bigger, holding about 4-5 cups of water (ex: set TSC7, TSF9,..)


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    All orders are shipped from Madison, WI
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