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Hand made aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. 
Hand made in Bat Trang Village.
Size: 4"x 4.5"
Beautiful, hand made ceramic diffuser made for aromatherapy with zen designs. Great gift, beautiful, authentic and functional. We recommend essential oil for health benefit. 
It's easy to use, no need to plug in. You don't need to add the tea light candle to enjoy the aroma. If you do,  The real tea light candle or battery one will will create the beautiful reflection. The opening is easy to insert the tea light. The bowl is deeper than other design so it won't burn out. The distance of the bowl to the bottom is perfect to just warm the oil, not burn it, best for health benefit. Artistically, these ceramic diffusers are much more beautiful than plastic plug-in diffuser. They won't give out chemical or too much of water condensation in your room. 
How to use this diffuser: 
1. Pour water and few drops of essential oil
2. Add a tea light candle into the body of the diffuser
3. Lit the candle
4. Enjoy the aroma instantly 
Please be mindful when using real tea light candle!


    All orders are shipped from Madison, WI
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