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Hand made fans for dancing, made in Vietnam  Fan is silk covered both sides with hand painted gold glitter which will make the fans to catch and reflect the light on stage. Great for dancing and other celebrations!  Material: bamboo and artificial silk  Fan size: 19" high x 36" Width  Color: Satin White with gold glitter decoration    Bamboo stave is 12.5" high  Total high from the bottom to the top of the silk is 15.5"    Beautiful and durable fans for dancing!  Size: 19" total high  x 36" wide  Bamboo starve is 13" high plus 6" extra silk top  Very easy to open and close. Smaller sizes for young dancers are available.    Well made and sturdy fans in large size in beautiful colors. Please click on the detail pictures to see how the fans flow.

Satin White Fan

$15.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
    All orders are shipped from Madison, WI
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