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Bilingual book about Saigon-Ho Chi Minh City
This book is a good source of information about Saigon, answering your questions such as Who the first settlers in Saigon? What were the fates of Saigon's two famous cetadels? What is the oldest building in Saigon?
131 pages with some black and white pictures
Bilingual Books in Vietnamese and English
Bilingual Books of Vietnamese Culture and History-Answering your questions about Vietnam. 
This group of sixteen books is the best collection of professional books about Vietnamese culture written by the famous Cultural Scholars Huu Ngoc and the well known writer Lady Borton. Lady Borton has worked as a Vietnam consultant for "60 Minutes," written for the New York Times, and been a commentator on National Public Radio. She spent more than two decades living in Vietnam with a Vietnamese family while working on her books.


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