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14" diameter x 9" high
Hand made with natural material.
This hat is the typical style from Chuong Village, north of Vietnam, also called Non Chuong. It is well made, simple, and  more durable than other hats. It is made from the older leaf with natural color.
This Non-La is the most popular hat for Vietnamese women in Vietnam.
16" diameter x 9" high
These hats are made in Chuong Village, a small village in the north of Vietnam with the famous trade of making Non La for four hundred years! It is known that the soil in the village is very dry for planting crops, so the trade of making Non La became the main income's source for the people. These hats are handmade and sewn by Chuong's villagers.
The leaves are actually weeds growing in the forest. They are soften and dried in the sun. Then the leaves are flattened. They were sewn on the brims. A hat usually consists of 16 to 18 rims made from a special kind of bamboo. In order to have a well-made hat, it must be knitted together carefully. The whole process requires great sewing skills and patience. It takes one day to make a hat. Finally, the hat is trimmed and painted with varnish for protection. 
Each hat will be shipped in a over-sized box 17"x11"x12" via priority Mail. This explained the high shipping cost! Thank you for your understanding!

Non La - Sturdy Hat 14"

    All orders are shipped from Madison, WI
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