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Vietnamese instruments with the International Folk Songs.
A great selection of international folk songs! 13 songs from 13 countrieds: Belgium, Thailand, Russian, German, French, Holland, Japan, Swedish, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian and Swiss played with vietnamese instruments, monochord, perscusiion, zither, bamboo flute.
The music list is in Vietnamese and English
A great gift of charming music from Vietnam
The music is played by the Traditional Orchestra of Hanoi National Music Institute (Dan Nhac Dan Toc Nhac Vien Quoc Gia Hanoi Vietnam)
These CDS content many beautiful pieces of music played by the famous Vietnamese musicians using Vietnamese traditional musical instruments such as mono-cord (dan Bau,) moon shaped guitar (Dan Nguyet,) 16 string zither (Dan Tranh,) bamboo flute (sao truc,) T'rung, four stringed guitar(Dan Ty Ba,) Klongput, Two Tringed Guitar (Dan Nhi)
List of music in Vietnamese and English


    All orders are shipped from Madison, WI
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