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Vietnamese Folklore Picture Book. Authentic story in Vietnamese and English with beautiful illustration. 
This is one of the famous stories of Vietnam, story about Thanh Giong, who lived in the village of Phu-Dong, in  reign of Emperor Hung-Vuong the Sixth. He  was already three years old, and yet, he could neither sit up, nor could he say a word... He helped the King defeat the enemy, Giac An, and saved the country. 
He became a Saint, a deity, and a central character in a number of folk festivals of the old Kinh Bac. At the same time, Th�nh Gi�ng also became one of the Four Immortals (Tu Bat Tu) of the Viet inhabitants of the Red River Delta. Therefore, the festival and the legend of Th�nh Gi�ng become a subject of study for many folklorists and ethnologists.
40 pages.
A great collection of Vietnamese folk tales in English and Vietnamese with beautiful pictures and authentic content. 
Good bilingual bed time stories books for children and great for bilingual readers and Vietnamese learners.

Legend of Saint Giong

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