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Ty Ba Hanh is the name of this CD, sung by Artist Bach Van and the Master Nguyen Thi Chuc, the only real Ca Tru singer from the old days still alive. 
What is known for sure is that ca tr� started off like many of Vietnam's arts as being a form of entertainment for the royal court. It was only later on that it branched out into being performed at small inns. Indeed it was mainly scholars and other members of the elite who enjoyed the genre, which was somewhat inaccessible to the masses (who enjoyed the H�t ch�o opera genre much more).
In the 20th century, ca tr� nearly died out. When the Communists came to power after the 1945 August Revolution, ca tr� was systematically suppressed, becoming associated with prostitution and the degradation of women. In actuality, men were allowed many wives in the past and having extramarital affairs was nothing shocking. Thus, it was commonly known that many famous ca tr� singers did indeed have affairs with important men, but it was just something to be accepted as a part of society back then, and not a part of the profession itself.
As of now, extensive efforts are being made to invigorate the genre, including many festivals and events where several types of ca tr� (among other related arts) are performed. Vietnam has also completed documents to have ca tr� recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.
With the love of sharing the vietnamese culture to the world and saving the precious old heritage, I would like to introduce this CD, sung by Nguyen Thi Chuc, the only real Ca Tru singer from the old day still alive.  
There are different myths and theories related to ca tru's conception. One story states that a woman named ? ��o created the genre, having charmed the enemy with her voice (thus explaining one of the genre's alternate names: H�t A ��o). Another theory points to a woman named ��o Thi, a talented musician who was beloved by the Ly dynasty imperial court. This theory also claims that ever since the time of ��o Thi, in admiration of her, women who held a profession as singers (such as ca tr� singers) were referred to as ��o nuong ("nuong" here refers roughly to "maiden" or "lady"). The latter is true although this term is no longer widely used in modern Vietnam.


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