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The famous victory in early history of Vietnam, the Battle of B?ch �?ng River in 938. The Vietnamese forces, led by Ng� Quy?n, defeated the invading forces of the Southern Han of China and put an end to Chinese imperial domination of the Vietnamese. It took place at the Bach Dang River, near Halong Bay in northern Vietnam.
It's important to know that Viet Nam has a long history. Viet Nam's history is rich with legend, tradition, determination, and adaptation. 
This selection of books (Vietnamese-English bilingual books) has five books, starting with Van Lang Ancient Country, the original of Vietnam today, Au Lac Country (Hung's  Dynasty), Hai Ba Trung (who started the tradition of resistance in 39 AD during the period of Chinese Domination), The Battle of Bach Dang, the historical famous victory of General Ngo Quyen, who successfully drove out the Chinese invaders and established the first of the "Great Dynasties" of Viet Nam that managed to remain largely independent of all foreign powers for the next 944 years. And  the last book is Chi Lang Victory, led by Le Loi (1385-1433), the hero of national liberation.
Bilingual pictures  books published 2010.

Bach Dang Victory

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