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A world full of live pictures and colors, hard cover book (56 pages) with high quality pictures and good translation! Recommend for children from 2+ and up, especially for bilingual children. The books has different subjects from the basic (color, body, vegetable, ..) to intereseting discovery (wild animal, dinosaure, ..) 
Great book to help you learning both English and Vietnamese!!!
These books, dictionaries, posters, drawing books are great material for bilingual education (Vietnamese/English). They are designed for cognitive development and language skills improvement.
They are the good teaching material for everybody who wants to teach and learn Vietnamese by interacting with children. These small dictionaries are colorful with provocative pictures and bilingual texts for children from age 1 and up. They can help children to develop their vocabulary in both Vietnamese and English. They are very useful for teachers, bilingual parents and children. 
The bilingual drawing books are the combination of learning activities such as coloring, drawing, making art projects and learning the languages. These books are great for creative art projects. The instruction is also in both English and Vietnamese.

1000 First Words/Pictures Words Book

    All orders are shipped from Madison, WI
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