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Vietnamese Traditional Hats-Non La for Children

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   12"   142 Available     
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Non La for children from 4 to 7 years old. Traditional Non La in small size (12" of diameter) for children. These hats are great accessories for dancing and other celebrations. They are light and cute to wear with Aodai. The strap is included! This is a perfect size for both boys and girls from 4 to 7 years old. Pricing for 1 Non La.
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Vietnamese Northern Hat, Non Quai Thao is the vietnamese name for this hat. Vietnamese norhern girls wear these hat with the northern outfit, Ao Tu Than, the four flaps outfit in special occasions. These hats make the charming images of the northern girls in spring festival.
The Non La, coninal hat, is still very popular in Vietnam. The legend of the conical hat is related to maternal love and the history of rice growing in Vietnam.
Once upon a time, the legend says, when a deluge of rain was falling there descended from the sky a giant woman wearing on her head four huge round leaves as large as the sky itself and stitched together by bamboo sticks. The leaves protected humankind, then still naked, from the rain. The giant messenger from the sky twirled round the leaves on her head to dispel clouds and rains. Those who followed her were taught by her how to grow crops. One day mankind dozed off as they listened to stories narrated by her. When they woke up the goddess was gone. The Vietnamese built a temple in her memory and honored her as the Rain-shielding Goddess. Following her example, people went into the forests to fetch broad and round leaves (palm) which they stitched together on a bamboo frame. This was to become an indispensable headwear for the farmers on the fields, boatwomen carrying passengers across rivers, travelers under the blazing sun...

Hand made, very authentic, and beautiful!!! Hand made in Vietnam. Please see the details.
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